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Adam and I have been married since January 2008 and have enjoyed sharing our life together! August 23, 2010 we welcomed Rebekah Ann into our family and we are discovering the joys of parenthood! Jacob joined us November 20, 2012. This blog is all about our little family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jacob 11 Month Update

Jacob's 11th Month: 9/21/2013 - 10/20/2013

Let's see...what did we do last Fall?

We did our annual trip to the Plano Balloon Festival with the Seibold family:

We took some trips to the Arboretum for the pumpkin festival.

And, of course, our family favorite...a trip the the State Fair!!

We had great fun on a Billmeier family trip to Minnesota for Adam's cousin's wedding

And we a had a little bit of craziness including naps in the middle of the playroom floor...

And acrobatics in the Target shopping cart...

I went back and looked at some very basic journal notes I was trying to keep of these kids. Around this time, Jacob started waving "bye bye" and "hi" and telling us "all done" with sign language. He also understands words like milk, water, Rebekah, eat, more, all done, hi, and bye.

For more adventures of our 11 month old, including a couple of cute videos, click the album below.

2013.10.20 - Jacob Month 11

Oh, and Jacob and the Raccoon photos includes his 11 month pictures!

Jacob and the Raccoon

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rebekah's 3rd Birthday

So....last AUGUST Rebekah turned 3. I always try to make the actual birthday a special day, and her day was no exception. She loves loves loves art class at the Dallas Museum of Art. We go once a month and each month is a different theme. This month the art class happened to be on her birthday - what a treat! Adam took the day off and joined us.

We also love to go to Klyde Warren Park after art class, eat at the food trucks, and play outside for a bit. Our favorite food truck stop is The Butcher's Son, because a little slider sandwich is the perfect size for her! She loves the Dead Elvis: peanut butter, nutella, and bacon!

The dinner request was pizza, and her own pizza kit from Papa Murphy's was a big hit!

And, of course, cupcakes!

Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Rebekah (who is now almost 4!! gasp!).

More birthday photos in this album...
2013.08.23 - Rebekah Bday

And, if you are feeling crazy, here are a few (261) highlights from 2 1/2 years to 3 years.

2013.08.23 - Rebekah 3 Years

Of course, the Bee photos were updated at 3 years also:

Rebekah and the Bee

Rebekah's 3rd Birthday Party

So, hey, it's been awhile. How you doin? Me? I'm good. I just realized I haven't posted since Jacob's 11 month post. And before that this blog had become quite Jacob-heavy! I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to structure this blog going forward, now that we are out of the monthly posts of the first year! For now, I need to go back and do some catching up. Sometimes I wonder why I even keep up with this. But...I'm a picture taker. I love taking picture. I'm not good at writing in baby books, but I'm good at capturing the things we do by taking photos. Which means I get a little overwhelmed sometimes at the number of photos I have to go through. But, I keep up with this blog to keep me on track with documenting my kids' lives.

Anywho, Adam and I spend a lot of time planning and preparing for our kids' bday parties. We love it. We kinda go all out. And Rebekah's 3rd Birthday Art Party was no exception. We transformed the living room into an art studio.

We had a painting station for the kids:

And places for them to color and stamp. The stamping and stickers were for them to decorate their own party favor bags!

All the kids got a smock, and small crayon holder with crayons, and a framed picture of the "musical art project" we did together!

And all the food was rainbow color themed!

We had a fantastic time! And Rebekah loved every minute of her Art Party!

More pictures can be found in our photo album!

2013.08.24 - Rebekah 3rd Bday Party

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jacob 10 month update

On the eve of Jacob's 1st birthday, I'm trying my darndest to catch up on his monthly posts! 

Oh, the end of summer.  During Jacob's 10th month, we celebrated big sister's 3rd birthday (more on that later), he started saying yay! and clapping and generally interacting more with the world around him, and he started doing big boy things like using his own snack cup!

Jacob also has a couple of besties that he enjoys spending time with.  :)

And, of course, we can't forget about being indoctrinated into the Aggie spirit!

I know he looks so cute in all these pics, but really, my view of him is usually this:
especially when I'm trying to cook dinner or do anything productive in the house!

There are a few more REALLY CUTE pictures in this album too, so be sure to check them out.
2013.09.20 - Jacob Month 10

And Jacob and the Raccoon photos can be found here.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jacob 9 Month Update

Jacob is 11 months today - and lucky you, you get a flashback 9 month update today!  I'm seriously going to catch up on blog posts this week...for both kids!  (Did you know Rebekah turned 3?  No, you didn't, because I didn't blog about it!)

Ok, enough of my monthly "I'm so behind on blogging" rant.

The month from 7/20 to 8/20 was filled with us wrapping up our summer fun.

Rebekah had 2 weeks of gymnastics classes (2 days a week), and this was the first time Jacob had really been mobile while we were at gymnastics.  He had fun watching her!

We had some fun at the arboretum.

 We delivered some Meals on Wheels with Wee Volunteer

And we had our first trip to the beach!

And we had a major milestone this month - our first tooth!

(I guess technically the tooth came in a week before he turned 8 months, but we weren't able to get a good picture of it for awhile.  How cute is this face??)

This kid is trying so hard to keep up with his big sister.  He cries whenever people leave him in a room by himself, but he is starting to figure out how to follow us around the house.  He will follow Rebekah anywhere!

You can enjoy all the picture from this month in the photo album.
2013.08.20 - Jacob Month 9

Plus, pictures from our beach trip!
2013.08 - SPI Vacation

And, of course, racoon photos have been updated as well.
Jacob and the Raccoon

10 month update coming up soon, as well as Rebekah's 3 year photos!