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Adam and I have been married since January 2008 and have enjoyed sharing our life together! August 23, 2010 we welcomed Rebekah Ann into our family and we are discovering the joys of parenthood! Jacob joined us November 20, 2012. This blog is all about our little family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jacob 11 Month Update

Jacob's 11th Month: 9/21/2013 - 10/20/2013

Let's see...what did we do last Fall?

We did our annual trip to the Plano Balloon Festival with the Seibold family:

We took some trips to the Arboretum for the pumpkin festival.

And, of course, our family favorite...a trip the the State Fair!!

We had great fun on a Billmeier family trip to Minnesota for Adam's cousin's wedding

And we a had a little bit of craziness including naps in the middle of the playroom floor...

And acrobatics in the Target shopping cart...

I went back and looked at some very basic journal notes I was trying to keep of these kids. Around this time, Jacob started waving "bye bye" and "hi" and telling us "all done" with sign language. He also understands words like milk, water, Rebekah, eat, more, all done, hi, and bye.

For more adventures of our 11 month old, including a couple of cute videos, click the album below.

2013.10.20 - Jacob Month 11

Oh, and Jacob and the Raccoon photos includes his 11 month pictures!

Jacob and the Raccoon

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