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Adam and I have been married since January 2008 and have enjoyed sharing our life together! August 23, 2010 we welcomed Rebekah Ann into our family and we are discovering the joys of parenthood! Jacob joined us November 20, 2012. This blog is all about our little family.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Jacob Month 4

Jacob turns 5 months old tomorrow, so I am determined to get this blog post up before then.  (I don't want to talk about how Rebekah turned 2 1/2 Feb 23 and I still haven't posted an update for her!)

It is birthday season for the Seibold side of the family as well as in our own little family.  We started with cousin Cadence's 4th birthday party in February, then 2 weeks later traveled to Lubbock for cousin Landon's 4th birthday!

At Cadence's Pirate Party

At Landon's Dino Party

Then we have Adam's birthday and my mom's birthday 1 day apart from each other.   St. Patrick's day is always right around then as well, which is a family favorite in our house.  St. Patrick's Day in Dallas is always celebrated the Saturday before the 17th, and since that Saturday was also my mom's birthday it made for a busy day!  Such a fun weekend.

Adam's Bday

St. Pat's Day

Grandma's Bday

I'm really glad we take lots of pictures, because otherwise I would not remember any milestones.  I'm not very good at updating the baby books, but I'm good at capturing images when new things happen.  Like Jacob playing in the exersaucer

Or Jacob's strength growing so he can hold his head up when he is on his tummy.

 And I can't forget how much Rebekah LOVES her little brother.  I really hope she always loves him as much as she does now.

Even now, looking at these photos, I can't believe how different he looks today compared to a month ago.  We are "celebrating" Jacob's being 5 months old by tearing up and resodding our entire backyard tomorrow.  Hopefully we can squeeze in some Raccoon photos as well.  The ones from last month are here.

And here are the rest of the photos from Month 4!  Enjoy!

2013.03 - Jacob Month 4

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